Any questions that we receive at via the contact form that might also affect other teams will be answered here.

How does my Team Qualify?

If your team is the National Beach Ultimate Champion in 2023 or 2024, your team qualifies! If your team is #2 or #3 you still have a chance. See the full qualifying criteria here.

What if my National Federation doesn’t have a Beach Ultimate Championship?

Countries that cannot have a National Beach Ultimate Championship do have a chance to send a team. See the full qualifying criteria here.

What are the roster limitations?
A team must have a minimum of ten (10) players registered on its playing roster for the event. A team in the mixed division must have a minimum of five (5) male and five (5) female players on its roster. Teams may only have a maximum of twenty (20) team members. There is no limit on non-players, coaches, support staff, etc.
What will the fees be?

Team Fees will be announced 31 October 2023.

Player Fees will be announced 30 April, 2024

Will there be Game Advisors or Observers?

No, Beach Ultimate is played without Game Advisors, Observers, or Referees.

Will you have Your great live scoring system again?

Yes! All 1,000+ games will use the BULA live scoring system we started in 2013. Friends and family can see how your team is doing minute-by-minute!

What footwear is allowed?

Playing barefoot is highly recommended, but players may wear socks or any kind of foot covering of a similar texture, so long as the soles are bendable and are not thicker than 3 millimetres.

When will the games schedule be available?
The game schedule will likely to be released 4 weeks before the start of the event.