The 1st World Beach Ultimate Club Championships (WBUCC) is a global club championship created by BULA with the intent of promoting the growth of Beach Ultimate Worldwide by stimulating National Beach Ultimate Club Championships (NBUCCs).

WBUCC will host 3 divisions (Women´s, Mixed, and Open), with upward of 150 teams expected.

Last update: May 21, 2023 v1.2

Team Qualification for bids

National Federations in good standing with the WFDF will be requested to express their interest in sending their National Beach Ultimate Club Champion(s) to WBUCC and in which division(s) by 30 September 2023. Based on interest, the optimal division sizes will be determined.

Bids per division will be awarded in the following order:

  1. Beach Ultimate Club Champions as defined by their National Beach Ultimate Club Championship (NBUCC) (see definition below*), ranked according to the WFDF Ultimate Ranking list, as published on the 31st of October of 2023, will be offered a bid. If the Champion Club team does not take their bid, it will be offered to the second-placed team.
  2. For European countries, the WFDF Ultimate Ranking is superseded by the final 2023 European Beach Ultimate Club Championships (EBUCC2023) ranking in the division in question (for example, considering the Ultimate Rankings in the image below, if hypothetically a Spanish Mixed team wins EBUCC2023 and a French Mixed team finishes 2nd, the ranking in Mixed would be 1 – USA; 2 – Canada; 3 – Spain; 4 – France; 5 – Japan, 6 – European country with best results at EBUCC2023 in Mixed, other than Spain or France, 7 – Australia, 8 – Colombia…
  3. If a division still does not reach the maximum number of teams, bids will be granted according to the following order of criteria:
    1. Teams from countries that showed interest but are not hosting a National Beach Ultimate Club Championship (maximum 1 team per country per division);
    2. Second-placed teams of 2023 or 2024 NBUCC using the order criteria defined in 1 and 2;
    3. Third-placed teams of 2023 or 2024 NBUCC using the order of criteria defined in 1 and 2;
  1. Each team granted a bid can only compete in the division they are invited to participate in.
  2. Teams from the same club can take part in more than one division at the WBUCC if that particular club receives bids in two or more divisions;
  3. There cannot be more than 3 teams from the same country in the same division;

*National Beach Ultimate Club Champion – DEFINITION

  • A National Beach Ultimate Club Champion can only be determined through an official National Federation-sanctioned NBUCC. To qualify for a bid at WBUCC2024, all National Beach Championships must have at least 3 teams competing in the division in question and crown a winner between 1 January 2023 and 30 June 2024. If National Championships are held in both 2023 and 2024, the National Federation decides which year to use for qualification for WBUCC.

Team Size

  1. The maximum team size is twenty (20) players for any division;
  2. The minimum team size is ten (10) players. In the Mixed division, a minimum of five (5) women and five (5) men is required;
  3. In the Mixed division, the WBUCC will use Gender Ratio Rule A (“prescribed ratio” rule), and the pull must be made by the gender most represented in the field;
  4. No restrictions are made for non-players, including coaches, physios, support staff, etc.

Player Eligibility

  1. All players on the team roster must be active members of the club team participating at the WBUCC, and must meet whatever other requirements are placed on them by the National Federation (NF) (exception made to what is set in 3)
  2. A single player may not participate in more than one team during the WBUCC.
  3. Teams can include up to three (3) non-club/team players to complete their finals rosters (i.e. players that do not usually compete with a given club team and who are not necessarily members of the NF).
  4. The team roster must be inspected by an official of the NF after being submitted. This official shall countersign the roster to indicate they have inspected it and found it to be in accordance with player eligibility rules and the definition of a club team according to that NF.
  5. Federations should only approve rosters of players who played in the corresponding club teams in either 2023 or 2024 official NF events (exception made to what is set in point 3);

Securing bids

  • Invited teams secure their bids by payment of the corresponding team fee. Team fee payment is due February 28th 2024 and can be made directly by the participating club team or the country’s National Federation.

Important Dates