Elevate your brand to new heights by associating with the World Beach Ultimate Club Championships!

This prestigious event represents a unique opportunity for potential partners to align their brand with the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and global unity that the Beach Ultimate community exemplifies. The championships bring together top-tier Ultimate teams from all over the world, resulting in unprecedented visibility.

Partnering with the World Beach Ultimate Club Championships is more than just logo placement; we will work with you to host an immersive and interactive branding experience.

Our championship hosts an array of high-profile matches, lively fan events, and engaging digital media content, all of which are ripe for partnership integration.

By associating your brand with this event, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your products and services to a passionate and dedicated audience.

Moreover, the exposure doesn’t stop there. With streaming and digital media, the reach of the World Beach Ultimate Club Championships extends far beyond the physical confines of the beach. Your brand will be broadcasted to thousands of viewers worldwide who tune in to witness the heart-pounding action, bringing global recognition and increased brand awareness.

We invite businesses and organizations of all sizes to explore the multitude of partnership and sponsorship opportunities available with us. Please get in touch with Patrick van der Valk today to learn more about how a partnership with the World Beach Ultimate Club Championships can propel your brand to the forefront of global visibility.