Author: Jamie Truong

With the sun setting on Huntington Beach, California, and the conclusion of the WFDF 2023 World Beach Ultimate Championships (WBUC), we’re so excited about the growth and future direction of Beach Ultimate as an international sport.

USA Stays Flexing, but the World Ain’t No Slouch

What. A. Showing. The USA representatives from all divisions (Open, Women´s, Mixed, Masters Mixed, and Grand Masters Open) put their incredible skills on display. Their precise fundamental play, coupled with their mind-boggling athleticism, pole-vaulted them into medals in all 5 divisions, winning gold in the Open, Women’s, Masters Mixed, and Grand Masters Open divisions and bronze in the Mixed division.

Although not known for their pristine and luscious beaches, the Canadians had great showings in all 5 divisions. Iconic plays from the Women’s and Masters Mixed teams earned them silver medals in their respective divisions while the Grand Masters Open team was able to bring home some bronze hardware.

Photo Credit: Rodney Chen and Ultiphotos

France showed their grit and grind and why they deserved to be Mixed champions. In the semi and final matches, they edged out the USA and Spain respectively, using their speed in the deep space and patient play in the backfield. This was the first gold podium for a Mixed division team other than the USA since 2015.

Spain also had themselves a fiesta on the beach. Known for their quick disc movement and reputation as European Beach Ultimate champions, all three Spanish teams earned themselves a medal. On that long flight home between Los Angeles and Spain, their necks were decorated with silver medals in the Men’s and Mixed divisions and a bronze in the Women’s.

But, let’s not forget about some of the Asian teams. Goodness gracious the teams from the Philippines were fun to watch. They were the perfect examples of never giving up on the disc. Every throw and every catch was with maximum effort, pushing opposing teams to tight matches. Through their effort, they earned themselves a silver in the Grand Masters Open division.  And then teams like Japan, who you just couldn’t help but smile at their love for the game and unique and crafty playstyle, resulted in the well-deserved Spirit of the Game (SOTG) trophy in the Open division.

WBUC2023 Results

Main Takeaways and What’s to Come!

You can call us ahead of time or just overly excited, but after seeing the display of talent at WBUC 2023, we cannot wait for the next World Beach Ultimate event. The global average level of play of Beach  Ultimate is constantly on the rise and it’s so very apparent when watching these types of events. 

While we’re still in the early stages of getting the BULA 2024 World Beach Ultimate Club Championships (WBUCC 2024) underway, we want to keep you hyped and informed!

With around 50 countries already expressing interest, the stage is sure to be set for another high-flying and memorable event. So, mark your calendars and get the word out, October, 14-19, 2024, Portimão, Portugal – WBUCC 2024.

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