As we gear up for what could be the Beach Ultimate event of the year, we know that no event is possible without the aid of selfless volunteers. For WBUCC, we’ll need the help of our incredibly supportive and fantastic community to pull off a Beach Ultimate event of this magnitude. And so, we’re looking for volunteers to lend us a helping hand in Portimão, Portugal between 14-19 October 2024.

Why are volunteers so important to the success of WBUCC 2024?

Being a small organizing committee, we understand it takes a village to run a successful tournament. It may sound cliché, but our volunteers truly are the heart and soul of the tournament. From setting up fields to keeping score to answering every player’s cry for “How much time is left?”, our volunteers are the engine that ensures our events run smoothly. Plus, their enthusiasm and hard work are crucial in maintaining a fun and safe atmosphere for players and fans.

That’s all to say; we love working with volunteers because whether they play Ultimate or not, many of our volunteers return year after year, aiding us in various tournaments and forming bonds that extend far beyond the frisbee field.🤝

What’s in it for our volunteers?

Being a volunteer can sometimes feel like a thankless job and we know that. But we want to assure you that the work and value you’ll be adding to this monumental event won’t go unnoticed. Not only will you be able to create incredible memories and friendships, but you’ll also get to see all the matches, up close and personal.

BULA will thus be providing the volunteers with:

  • 🏠 Free lodging close to the fields and the beautiful Portimão coastline; and,
  • 🍲 3 free meals a day to make sure energy and spirits stay high.

Volunteers will be responsible for arriving in/departing from Portimão at their own expense.

What role will you be attending to at WBUCC?

As a volunteer at WBUCC, you’ll have a variety of tasks including:

  • Keeping score;
  • Time tracking (playing time, time-outs, time between points);
  • Stat tracking (goals and assists) which will be uploaded to our live website for fans and players to follow along;
  • Setup/takedown of equipment (fields);
  • Administrative tasks, for example, answering queries at the info desk;
  • Ad-hoc duties; and,
  • Soaking up the Portuguese sun and enjoying front-row seats to all the hot Beach Ultimate action!

We’ll be looking for a total of 90 volunteers (local and international) for WBUCC and taking 16 of those to stay for the World Great Grandmasters Beach Ultimate Club Championships (WGGMBUCC) from 23-26 October.

With all that being said, if you’re interested in creating an unforgettable experience in Portimão, Portugal, please sign up by clicking HERE and we’ll see you at WBUCC!