Summer is just around the corner and the global Beach Ultimate scene is heating up! 🔥 With WBUCC2024 less than 5 months away, we want you to be hyped, on top of your athletic game, and prepped with loads of sweat-resistant sunscreen! 🌞

National Beach Ultimate Champions: Results

In the past couple of weeks, many nations across the world have been hosting their own National Beach Ultimate Championships, including Kenya, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, the USA, Canada, and many more. 🏆 Of course, the ever so beach-dominant and European Beach Ultimate Club Champions (EBUCC2023), Guayota (Open & Women) showed up to play on the beautiful Spanish shores and swept their divisions with first-place finishes. 

With a quick layout across the Atlantic, the United States hosted its championship at Virginia Beach, Virginia. Strutting their moves, Humiliswag (Open), LAMP (Women), and SoCal Beach (Mixed) displayed their fantastic talent and ran away with the gold. From the Atlantic coast to the Pacific, Canada also hosted their inaugural Beach Ultimate Championship in Vancouver, British Columbia! Braving the wet and cold conditions, Highway 1 (Mixed) took the W.

This past weekend, Portugal, the home of this year’s WBUCC2024, hosted its Open and Women’s Beach Ultimate Championship in Carcavelos. The Portuguese competition was fierce and even saw international teams like Team Ukraine and Venezuela’s Warao also take part in the tournament! But, by the end of the weekend, it was Portugal’s UFA, who also took the Mixed gold a few months ago, standing alone at the summit in the Open and Women’s divisions.

Upcoming Tournaments!

With all that excitement going on, there’s still plenty of sandy action to look forward to in the coming months, including some great ones on Spanish and Italian sands leading up to WBUCC. To stay in sharp throwing form before the big date, Burla Beach Cup will be hosting the 22nd edition of their annual tournament on the sunny shores of Tuscany. It’s a beautiful 3-day international tournament taking place between September 13-15. For more information, check out their website here.

If you fancy a trip to Spain instead, why not take your team to Valencia, where the 10th edition of XeQueBo! is taking place! It’s an incredibly fun 2-day tournament taking place between October 5-6 and will be hosted by the local team, Murcielagos. For information, you can find the link here.

AND! If the tournaments aren’t enough for you, or if you’re looking for something closer to home, check out this list of several other upcoming tournaments at and

So, grab your sunscreen, grab your disc, and see you on the beach! #wbucc 🥏#gotadisctothrow