3…2…1… UP!!!!

We’re one day closer to the 2024 World Beach Ultimate Club Championships (WBUCC), and today, we’re thrilled to announce that an impressive 46 countries (and potentially more to come!) have expressed their interest in sending teams to compete for the title of World Beach Ultimate Club Champion in the Mixed, Open, or Women’s divisions.

The international interest is staggering and shows that Beach Ultimate truly continues to define itself as a global sport. Nations from all over the globe have organized, or will organize National Beach Ultimate Championships, and we have teams from every continent bidding for their spot to play at WBUCC between the 14-19th of October 2024 in Portimão, Portugal. Whether you’re a seasoned vet or new to the sport, you’ll want to get invested and excited for what this championship will have to offer.

So, what can you expect from so many skilled and talented athletes in one championship? With the global level of Beach Ultimate rising, the athletes are sure to promise an action-packed, high-flying, and ultra-competitive event. There’ll be thrilling matchups, unexpected upsets, and of course, adrenaline-rushing universe points!

But it’s not just the high-level competition that makes this event so special. It’s also a chance for the Beach Ultimate community to come together and celebrate the sport we all love.

Check out the graphic to see which countries have shown interest and whether or not your country is there!

Is your country missing? Let us know!

See you on the beach!

Jamie Truong