Author: Sofia C Pereira

It’s awesome how much Beach Ultimate has spread since the first World Championships in 2004 in Portugal, and how many countries are now playing our favorite sport. Let us all celebrate this with the first-ever World Beach Ultimate Club Championships (WBUCC) 20 years later!

As we ramp up to WBUCC, it’s wonderful to receive such positive feedback from the community, with over 40 Nations showing interest in sending Club teams to Portugal next October! Take a look at the map below and check out the incredible global spread of interest.

WBUCC2024 – Map of interested nations.

From seasoned Beach Ultimate nations as well as nations hosting their inaugural National Beach Ultimate Club Championships (NBUCCs) this year to determine the Club team(s) to come to Portugal, it’s exciting to see so many nations on board to make this the most incredible Beach Ultimate event ever!

National Beach Ultimate Club Championships

With national team events currently being organized by the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF), BULA has been focusing on club teams and organizing the European Beach Ultimate Club Championship (EBUCC), which we started in 2018 and will now be held yearly in conjunction with the European Flying Disc Federation (EFDF). At this point, most European nations host NBUCCs yearly or bi-yearly to crown the team(s) to qualify to compete at EBUCC to be the European Beach Ultimate Club Champion. 

Yet, when it comes to the global scene, there are vast differences between nations regarding how much Beach Ultimate is played. The reasons for this are many, including whether the country is landlocked, the community size and workforce, etc. Through the eligibility rules, BULA hopes to help promote and inspire nations to develop Beach Ultimate locally by organizing NBUCCs.

We are thrilled to share the enthusiasm of club teams from countries where Beach Ultimate is incredibly popular, such as Australia, India, France, the Philippines, Spain, and the US. Over many years, these countries have had a rich history of hosting Beach Ultimate Championships. 

On the other hand, it has also been fantastic to witness nations such as Canada, Egypt, Kenya, Mexico, and Uganda organize their first-ever Beach Ultimate National Club Championships to determine the best team to represent them on the global stage in Portugal. 

From Local Sands Worldwide to Praia da Rocha – a global disc flight!

Based on the interest of National Federations and the Championships on their home shores, BULA looks forward to welcoming 64 Club teams in the Mixed division (with approximately 45 nations represented!), 48 competing in Open (with around 30 countries represented), and 32 in the Women‘s division (with around 20 nations represented). 

It will be fantastic to see newcomers and seasoned Beach Ultimate nations get together and enrich the international Beach Ultimate community with their unique styles! We can’t wait to witness the diversity in spirited plays, layout bids, and sky-high catches as club teams from all over the world showcase their skills on the global stage and compete for their place in history.

We wish all nations the best while preparing to make their mark in Praia da Rocha. We look forward to showcasing our sport at the top level and celebrating and expanding the reach and spirit of Beach Ultimate worldwide!

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